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ZKTeco Flap Barrier Turnstiles 1022

The ZKTeco FB1022 is a Single Lane Flap Barrier with Fingerprint and RFID Access Control System. It provides both security and convenience in a very durable, compact body. During emergencies, the barriers will also automatically retract its fins to ensure fast exit towards safety.

  • Single Lane Flap Barrier
  • With Controller RFID and FP Reader
  • Steel with Inbio Controller
  • FREE ZK Access Software




FB1022 is a fin barrier that requires a master device and slave to complete the entrance solution set-up. It is a double-finned barrier (one fin per side) which should be combined with two FB1011 to form multiple entrances.

It is also accompanied by LED lights which indicated the status of the barriers and the access direction. The static green light indicates that the barriers are blocked, while a flashing green light means that access is granted to the end-user.

  • Electronic Anti-Pinch Function – Auto-suspension of door closure when human is detected.
  • Direct Current Operation – Low failure rate to ensure stability and reliability.
  • Alarm Function – Auto warning and alarming If unauthorized entry is made through an unidentified card, the ZKTeco FB1022 will automatically sound an alarm.
  • Multi Battery Mode – Two modes are available once power us suspended. In Emergency Mode, flaps automatically open to allow entrance, while in Power Supply Mode, flaps remain in normal operation.
  • Three-point support flap design ensures high durability.
  • Flexible switching of reader panel to assemble various readers.

1 year Carry-in warranty for manufacturer defects (accessories not included).


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