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Honeywell Single Loop Control Panel DXC1

This addressable, single loop fire detection system supports Morley protocol. It comes with two sounder circuits (1A max), a 2A power source, a general relay (Alarm and Fault), one programmable relay, fixed auxiliary output and resettable 24V 250mA output, two keys and two inputs for programmable functions. The panel also includes a 6 * 40 Character LCD display, an integrated USB port for PC programming and an RS485 port for repeaters. The DXc1 can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a networked system with other DXc series panels in up to 16 loops.

The CD contains a loop and battery calculator, manuals and programming software to allow the display to be customised and address labels to be imported from an Excel file.

  • Loop Capacity ( 99 Detectors +99 Devices)
  • Networking up to 16 loops (Combination of 1; 2 & 4 Loops)
  • 6×40 characters, blue liquid crystal display with backlight illumination
  • Configuration by keypad and PC
  • 160 Fire Zones
  • Fire, Fault and Auxiliary relays
  • Loop-Battery calculator for reliable system design
  • 7 day timer
  • Onboard diagnostic
  • EN54-2, EN54- 4
  • LPCB approved
  • Optional: 40, 80 or 160 zone alarm LEDs


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