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K-Yan Review: Tekkie Pinas

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K-Yan-Review-Tekkie-PinasK-Yan: A New Form Of Teaching Using Technology

Max’s Glorietta, Makati — K-Yan, a new form of technology has been unveiled in the Philippines for the first time, with the help of its Philippine Distributor — VDI, the Indian made technology has a very promising design and is packed with an AIO (All – In – One ) Technology. The K-Yan is a projector with a built-in CPU on it, and also has Windows 8.1 OS running it to make sure the smoothness and interoperability of it.

The K-Yan is very much applicable to institutions in which the people using it will fully maximize its capabilities. According to the speaker from India, “K-Yan is used by many schools in India to able to teach and interact with the students through the presentation being projected by the K-Yan”

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