K-Yan All In One device becomes star of Laguna IT Jam 2015

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K-Yan All In One Device becomes an instant star at the Laguna IT Jam 2015, July 9. It’s interactive white board feature immediately impresses attendees of the event including city employees, teachers and even students. They were amazed at how a blank wall can immediately be converted into an instant white board and writing is made possible.

Francis Cuevas guiding a student on how to use the Interactive Whiteboard of K-Yan.
Francis Cuevas guiding a student on how to use the Interactive Whiteboard of K-Yan.

K-Yan that signifies Knowledge Vehicle is one of the core technology components of K-Class. Designed at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, the K-Yan combines a hi-tech projector with a PC, a DVD writer, a TV tuner, in-built speakers, a 500 GB HDD, 3G-Internet, a wireless keyboard and a mouse – all in one box.

This device is already very popular in India and in fact had already been used in 25,000 government and private schools and colleges, also by more than 2,000,000 teachers nationwide. In the Philippines, however, the K-Yan has yet to gain its popularity and recognition.

Francis Cuevas, a graphics and website designer demonstrates one of the great used of K-Yan. As an anime enthusiasts he draw an image of Hanamichi Sakuragi from the anime Slam Dunk by using the pen and the interactive white board of K-Yan. Everyone was eagerly watching as the art work came to life with all the colors and the shading.

After the initial session, there were students and teachers who also tried using the K-Yan and they were really impressed.

“This is what we need in our school, we are hoping that we can buy at least 3-5 of these,” said one of the teachers who have seen the K-Yan.

Vinea-Distribution-VDI-KYan-All-in-One-Devic (6)Priced at P160K – P180K, the K-Yan is a portable device which is not only cost-effective but is very practical to use not only in educational purposes but also for business and for government offices. Which would you rather do bring a laptop, a whiteboard and an interactive projector separately when making a tutorial, lecture or presentation or bring a K-Yan which practically fits in just one easy-to-bring luggage bag?

K-Yan is indeed a small device that is very powerful and that’s why it initially becomes the favorite and one of the stars of Laguna IT Jam 2015.

This event has been sponsored by the City Government of Santa Rosa, Laguna headed by Mayor Arlene Arcillas and CITO Head, Mr. Arnold B. Arcillas. Attendance to the event was also made possible by Mark Anthony Wagan, a blogger and IT professional.

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