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    Powerful Thunderbolt™ 3 NAS boosts media collaboration between Mac and Windows users.Qtier Technology & SSD Cache provide Auto Tiering to improve storage efficiency. High-performance Thunderbolt™ NAS: Perfect for 4K media collaboration with utmost efficiency.

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    Exclusively providing a Thunderbolt™/NAS/iSCSI SAN triple solution, the TVS-1282T3 features four Thunderbolt™ 3 ports to enable seamless collaboration between up to four Mac® and Windows® devices. Coupled with its higher bandwidth to smooth 4K video transfer and online editing, the TVS-1282T3 is a perfect match for Thunderbolt-equipped Mac® and Windows® users for 4K workflows, file storage and high-speed sharing. The TVS-1282T3 leverages 7th Generation Intel® 14nm multi-core processors and was designed around the concept of tiered storage, application-based partitioning and network traffic distribution, providing exceptional performance to fulfill critical tasks.

    • Built-in M.2 SATA 6Gb/s slots & 2.5” SSD slots
    • Qtier technology and SSD cache enable 24/7 optimized storage efficiency
    • The Network & Virtual Switch app assists network traffic distribution, and re-routes dedicated bandwidth for diverse applications
    • Four Thunderbolt™ 3 (40 Gbps) ports and dual 10GbE network for on-the-fly video editing and rapid file sharing
    • Four available combinations with Mac/PC and JBOD for flexible attaching, sharing and expansion
    • Flexible storage expansion with QNAP storage expansion enclosures and Virtual JBOD (VJBOD)
    • Supports QRM+ unified remote server management, Q’center for centrally managing multiple QNAP NAS, virtual machine and container applications, and storage for virtualization


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