Home Security Tips This Christmas Season

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The Philippines is known to celebrate Christmas longer than any other country in the world. We start the festive vibes in September and do a countdown until Christmas. The weeks leading up to it are known as the biggest shopping weeks of the year and most retailers are excited because it accounts for almost 70% of their annual profit.

However, this is also a perfect time for burglars. Thieves are aware that there are expensive gifts in the house and the fact that there is probably extra money lying around. The statistics indicate that Christmas season is not just for merriment, but also for burglary.

Here are 3 home security tips this Christmas season:

1. Install Surveillance Systems

CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and window/door alarms are helpful all year round. These things monitor your home whether you are in it or away for a vacation. An alarm, when triggered, can be as loud as 100 decibels, putting the burglar into a state of panic and stopping him from what he is about to do. There are also thieves who may choose to attack at night, so, motion sensors that light up a space once they detect movement is an effective deterrent. CCTV cameras can act as your eyes and ears at home. They can be used to identify who broke into your house and how it was done.

2. Be Wary of What You Post on Social Media

Burglars are like hawks on social media. They look through posts and seek information about the types of gifts people got for their relatives or if they plan to leave their homes. This is why you should be careful on what you share on social media because it can surely be used against you.

3. Be Alert About Door-to-Door Donations

During the holiday season, you’ll have carolers coming over as well as people seeking donations for various charitable causes. They may represent a church, an orphanage, or home for the elderly. But not all of them actually have any connection with any organizations. It could be a scam to get money out of people or a way to survey when it would be the best time to break into your home. So, be cautious in dealing with them.

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