5 Cool and Creative Ways to Use a Projector at Events

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The use of projectors has gone beyond classroom discussions and board room presentations. A high technology projector can now be paired with devices that can make it multi-purpose, like U Pointer interactive whiteboard.

To maximize the benefits of having an existing projector, you need to think outside the box and mix your idea with a bit of creativity. If you want to spice up an event you’re planning, having a few tricks up your sleeve will surely make the occasion worth remembering. Check out our list below to know what ideas you can do to reinvent your upcoming happenings.

1. Musical Laser Light Show

You don’t need to be in a concert to do a laser light show. This has all the potential of being a good hit because of its two attractive components: light and music. Laser light combined with great sounding music makes up for a great mini-show.

2. Optical camouflage

Sometimes also called the invisibility cloak effect, an optical camouflage looks like a figure that blends with a highly-reflective background, giving an illusion type visual. Giving your audience good visuals will help boost the reputation of your event.

3. Mural Painting

This is where your interactive whiteboard comes in. You don’t need tons of creativity to make a mural. Just show a version of a high-resolution photo and project it on your wall or another surface. Trace the lines using a pen pointer. You may allow event guests to fill the mural using colors.

4. Gaming lounge

Leave a better impression when holding gaming events by using a gaming lounge. Give them a real cinematic feel by dressing your area for the occasion. Put comfortable seats and give out snacks too.

5. Social media interaction

During any event, you can use your projector to show social media activity on your screen. This makes the discussion not only real-time but comprehensive as well. Seeing others’ opinion gives them a better grasp of what you’re talking about.

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